Introducing: Little Free Library #8219!

That our LFL made it out of the back of the garage and out by the sidewalk is due almost entirely to our friends Coral and Ryan. It had been sitting in storage for close to 5 years – “Oh, I’ll get to it eventually”, I kept saying. Then Coral offered to paint it. I said “yes please!” so fast I think I surprised both of us. She and Ryan helped us install it, and they even brought a bag of books to help stock it!  You can see her pictures here on Facebook. I took some pictures as well. Come by and check out our books. If we’re in the yard, please say hello!

empty LFL

Got the post set in!

ryan screwing

Adjusting the latch

behind ryan

The other side

coral stocking

Inaugural stocking of the library!

back of LFL

Back – it’s our dogwood tree!

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