What Fictional School Would You Like to Attend?

What fictional school would you most like to attend?  Hogwarts? Rydell High? Star Trek Academy?

The Atlantic asked this question, and it got me thinking. Probably not Riverdale High School – as much fun as it seems in the “Archie” comics, I’d probably have gotten picked on or totally ignored for being too square.  I would have done much better in school if I’d gone to Walkerville Elementary and had Ms Frizzle as my teacher. Field trips don’t get any better than when you go on The Magic School Bus.

How about Battle School, in Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game”? Maybe Camp Half-Blood from the Percy Jackson books is more your speed. Stay at home and go to school online at the OASIS school from Ready Player One?  Or the other schools mentioned in the Harry Potter books? Sweet Valley High? (a little after my time, but I know they were popular!) Pencey Preperatory, where Holden Caufield of Catcher in the Rye fame attended. Perhaps the boarding school in France where Madeline attends?  There’s even an Ella Mentry school in the My Weird School series.

Check out these 14 Fictional Schools From Books, Ranked

Then take the Fictional Schools of Literature quiz on Sporcle! (let me in the comments how you did!)



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