Postcard request!

From the Little Free Library Registered Stewards page on Facebook:

Send us a card or postcard!

5 States!

Thank you! Will you be next!
Dear Fellow Little Free Library Stewards,

We are the proud parents of two curious 10 year olds! We love history & road tripping to visit fellow Little Free Libraries across the United States (and beyond, we have visited about 65 so far in the past two years)!

We are looking to collect postcards from LFL across North America & beyond!

Please send to

Stewards Sal & Enzo Montecalvo
4 Markham Drive
Morganville, New Jersey 07751

*We will post updates on our Facebook page! Thank you so much for cultivating a love of reading & showing our boys that there is good in the world.

I’m sending my postcard out in the morning!

Visiting other SE PDX Libraries

My co-worker and I went out for lunch today, to Cartlandia, and ran across a little IMG_7991.jpglibrary.  I’d seen mention in my BookCrossing newsletter of it. I can’t find it on the Little Free Library map, so I don’t think it’s an official LFL, but it’s definitely a cool little library.  It’s an adorable little stove/oven, small enough for a kid’s play kitchen, but heavy enough it might actually have worked at one point. We didn’t have time to poke through the books this trip. Maybe next time!

Traveling Libraries

Check out these bookcycles and bibliobikes!  While I’ve seen lots of photos and read about traveling libraries, I’ve never actually seen one. Have you?

Related image

Related image

Image result for remarkable bookcycle

Image result for remarkable bookcycle jane green

Image result for remarkable bookcycle jane green

Related image

Related image

Related image

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Image result for bicycle library

Image result for bicycle library

Why mobile libraries?  Because this, this, and this.

Donkeys, buses, vans, boats, they also work to get books where they are needed. Sometimes European nobles would bring along a box of books on a journey –  Napoleon brought his own library along during military campaigns.  Traveling libraries were especially important to lighthouse keepers as well.  Check out playwright/author Tom Stoppard’s more modern version of the book box.

Consider starting a library in a van

This article is about starting a library in a van also, but a lot of the info is good for bookcycles as well

Things to consider before starting your mobile library – who do you want to serve? where will you source your books? how will you fund your library? how will you deliver your books? where will you store them when not out and about?

Yes, Little Free Library supports mobile libraries!  Including the kind you can carry by hand!

Help support mobile libraries in other countries

Read this only if you seriously want to nerd out on starting a mobile library.

Read more about the history of traveling libraries – Library on Wheels, Library History Buff, and A Field Guide to Mobile Libraries.

And more pictures of traveling libraries through history!  Vintage photos of bookmobiles, more modern mobile libraries, some extraordinary mobile libraries, and tons more on Pinterest.

I’d love to hear about any mobile libraries you’ve seen or read about!


My sweetie and I just went on a 9-day vacation. I made sure to fill up the library as best I could before we left – I packed it right before getting the ride to the airport.

I came home to find it nearly empty. Yay, people finding books to read!


Even better, I came home to find stacks of books on the dining table. Turns out, someone left us a bunch of books piled at the end of our driveway, plus my MiL cleaned off an entire shelf just for our Little Free Library.

I’ll set these out just as soon as I’ve processed them.

Thanks, anonymous book donor!

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Because it isn’t hot enough outside

As usual, I have no affiliation with any of these sites, authors, photographers, or anyone else. 

Check out James Trevino, a “bookstagrammer” – He’s been creating photography by posing with his book collection in various scenes, often related to literature. A few of his works:


If you need me, I’ll be in my room… um, reading.

Here is his Instagram.  And oh, by the way, he’s on Facebook too.