Visiting other SE PDX LFLs

I went for a bike ride earlier tonight, and visited two Little Free Libraries. The first, #36705, at about SE Grant and SE 78th, I left a handful of books but forgot to get a picture of. I did pick up a couple of books, though!  I picked up “Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise?”, by David Feldman, and “The Language of Baklava”, by Diana Abu-Jaber. I hope with their proximity to Portland Community College, as well as being in a rather walkable neighborhood (once you get a little further away from the College), that they get a fair bit of foot traffic. IMG_7692.jpg

Then I rode over to #43877, at about SE Center & SE 74th. So cute! It’s a miniature version of the Stewards’ house!  It’s one of the smaller LFL’s I’ve seen, in terms of space for books. I didn’t pick any books up here, but I left a few. They have both a webpage and an instagram.


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