Title Wave Used Bookstore: Back to School Sale

Did you know that the Multnomah County Library has a bookstore of its own? It’s Title Wave Used Bookstore, on 216 NE Knott St. They sell books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks. Some of the materials are donations and some are items that have been pulled from the library shelves (oh sure, they need 12

library sale

copies of any given best-seller because everyone wants to read it when it first comes out, but after that first year or so? probably more like 3 copies will do from there out).

Educators get 25% off at the bookstore, every day, with valid ID. (Also, if you’re a teacher, after school care provider, homeschooler, or working with a GED/Adult Literacy program, check out the library’s Educator Cards!)

Wednesdays are Midweek Markdowns – something is on sale every week.

Title Wave has other sales through the year as well. You can find out about upcoming sales on their Facebook page. Their Back-to-School sale is coming right up!  Saturday, August 11, 9am-4pm. All materials will be 55% off their regular prices.

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