Literary Tattoos

I find tattoos fascinating. I’m always interested in what designs people choose to put on their bodies – I want to know the stories Image result for literary tattoo clipartbehind them. You can only imagine what I think of literary tattoos.  Lucky for me, I live in Portland, OR, one of the most tattooed cities in the US. What books, what authors, what quotes and images stick with you? What sticks with you and becomes important enough to put on your body permanently?  What are favorite tattoos you’ve seen?

Check out these links to tattoos of books & literary tattoos:

tattoos of generic books

quotes and images from books on Popsugar – who would have thought to combine Nancy Drew with Hamlet?

tattoos along with the books that inspired them

Not quite ready for permanent ink?  Maybe these temporary tattoos or maybe these 

Also, some kid books about tattoos:

How Come I’m Not Colored?

Tell Me a Tattoo Story

Why Does Mommy Have a Tattoo?


***I have no connection to any businesses or websites linked in this post. I just think the tattoos and books are awesome. I make no money nor do I receive anything of any sort from these businesses when you click through the links. 

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