Odd Stuff in the LFL

I’ve found a couple of business cards and things for local folks in the Little Free Library over the past few months. Today was something else, though. Today I found a pile of stuff in front of the books. I check my LFL every day or two – to see what’s moving, if I need to put out more, if people have left new books in there, so I’m pretty sure all this crap got left by a single person. The best part is that business cards, flyers, and other stuff come from a total of about 6 states. I decided to not share the test results mailed to someone from a health clinic in Maryland. All I can say is, the results were negative – you’re in the clear.

large stuff

We’ve got a postcard (blank on the reverse, so I shall be sending it to one of my penpals); an ad for an artist; a CD holder for the band WoManTra – with CD, a sticker with the band’s logo, and aforementioned test results all tucked inside; a yellow index card with obviously important notes on it, flocked dog stickers; and the WoManTra sticker. I kinda like the logo







small stuff

We also have an array of business cards and flyers, Magic cards, a note that apparently was tucked into a small gift to someone special, and sweet little “Love You” note. I can only imagine someone thought these might make good bookmarks. Either that, or they think I run a recycling station. Which, I suppose, isn’t far from the truth. We’re recycling books, though, not business cards.

If you are the person who dropped all this stuff off – please know that we were entertained by it all, and then it went into the recycling bin. Except the dog stickers. I tucked them into a couple of children’s books.

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