Featured in the library this MONTH: Book/Movie tie-ins

While going through the stash of donations, I noticed there were a number of books that had been turned into movies. Cold, blustery nights seem like a great time to curl up with warm drinks, warm blankets, good books, and good movies.

Whether you read the book first or watch the movie first – that is a good question. None of the books in this collection are new – they’ve all been out as both books and movies for a while. But maybe you haven’t seen the movie yet. Woo! You still have a chance to read the book first! Maybe you have already seen the movie. You can still read the book, then watch the movie again!

Here are some of the book/movie tie-ins featured this month in the Division92 Little Free Library:

Great Expectations, Kite Runner, Sense & Sensibility, Snow Falling on Cedars, The Girl on the Train, Under the Tuscan Sun, Up in the Air

Which books have you already read? Which movies have you already seen?


6 Reasons the Book is Almost Always Better Than the Movie

Listen to the podcast Book Vs Movie

Especially relevant to writers – 5 Important Ways Storytelling is Different in Books vs Movies

A blog breaking down individual book/movie pairs – Book vs Movie

What book/movie pairs did you love both of? What pairs did you like or love one but not the other?  I really like the movie Bladerunner, and I wasn’t nearly so crazy about the story. I also saw the movie first, so that may have something to do with it. I loved Wizard of Oz as a book, and while I liked the movie, I’ve never really re-watched it. I enjoyed reading Romeo and Juliet in a high school English class – I really liked the class, so that made it even easier to enjoy reading the play. I watched the movie, with Olivia Hussey in class at the end of the R&J unit, with the requisite class discussion afterward, so I was predisposed to enjoy that whole activity as well.

Are you more of a read-the-book-before-watching-the-movie sort of person or more of a doesn’t-matter-whichever-opportunity-comes-up-first sort of person? Let us know in the comments!


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