Part of an occasional series – Little Free Libraries in SE Portland!

Today’s SE PDX LFL is #73051 at 4299 SE Evergreen. It’s across the street from Lewis IMG_8845.jpgElementary School – which has its own LFL!  While today’s LFL has an official Little Free Library plaque and registration number, as of today I could not find it on the LFL map. I don’t know if this library is new and the stewards haven’t put it on the map yet or if it’s been there forever and the current homeowners don’t really have anything to do with it, and it’s maintained by sheer momentum. The latter seems unlikely as this library was in great shape when I saw it. Anyone know the story on this library?

Argh – I just realized I totally forgot to look through the LFL at Lewis Elementary when I was out there! Maybe next time…

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