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Motorcycle Samurai, by Chris Sheridan  — I found this in a LFL on my way home from work. I knew as soon as I saw it the next three people to pass this on to. I’m not sure I need to find volume 2, but volume 1 was a good read.


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Blink, by Malcom Gladwell  — again, I know the next three people to pass this on to. It was hard to not start talking about all sorts of things from the book with my partner – gotta wait till he’s read it!  It was a good reminder of Paul Ekman, and also the show “Lie To Me” (might have to look for it on Netflix or something). Reading through the book, I was alternately dazzled and horrified by some of the things our brains have us believe. The upside is that plenty of other people do the same things – I’ve got a lot of company!

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Underwear, by Mary Elise Monsell  — I’ve been going through my picture book collections, hard copies and electronic books, culling the ones I’m not reading for myself or using for work anymore. It’s meant I’ve also re-found some old friends I haven’t read in a while. I’m rather fond of well-written, well-illustrated picture books about children’s favorite topics, of which Underwear is definitely one. I’m also a big fan of Lynn Munsinger’s work. Image result for bookee and keeboo chicken soup

Bookee and Keeboo Search for a Chicken, by Alfons Freire  —  I’m not quite as fond of this one. I’m not sure why. The pictures are kinda cute. The story is written at an appropriate level for its audience. The story itself is fine. I guess that’s it – the whole thing is… fine. Your mileage may vary.


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Hank’s Summer Day, by Jake Croft  — This is another one that’s decently done, but for me was Just Fine. It’s written and illustrated well-enough, it just doesn’t move me.



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