Comments? Questions?

Here’s a great place to share your thoughts on the Division92 Little Free Library.

Any particular kind of books you’re looking for? (no promises, but I can keep an eye out for them when I’m at garage sales or Goodwill and the like)

Got some books you’re thinking about donating, but aren’t sure if they’re quite right, or not sure how to go about donating them?

Found a really great book in the Division92 LFL?  Let us know!

Have an idea on how it could be even better?

Have your own Little Free Library?  Let me know – maybe we can make some book trades!

Know of a great source for books, or maybe some literary-related events in town?

Want to write a guest post?  I’d *love* to have someone do that!

Got a question?

Please feel free to share it all in a comment here, or email me at Your comment/question can be as anonymous as you like.

When posting or emailing, be aware that all parts of this blog follow Wheaton’s Law.

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