My sweetie and I just went on a 9-day vacation. I made sure to fill up the library as best I could before we left – I packed it right before getting the ride to the airport.

I came home to find it nearly empty. Yay, people finding books to read!


Even better, I came home to find stacks of books on the dining table. Turns out, someone left us a bunch of books piled at the end of our driveway, plus my MiL cleaned off an entire shelf just for our Little Free Library.

I’ll set these out just as soon as I’ve processed them.

Thanks, anonymous book donor!

New Arrivals!

We went to the book sale at Title Wave, Multnomah County Library system’s dedicated bookstore. We came home with two large grocery totes *filled to the top*. It all came to under $20 total almost 50 books. While we’ll read some of them ourselves, everything will go to our Little Free Library over the next couple of months. I was bummed I couldn’t find more Vietnamese kid books or anything in Arabic or Somali. Maybe next time.  We brought home:

-Vietnamese adult & kid books
-Chinese kid books
-Chinese adult books
-Spanish kid books
-Spanish teen books
-English kid books
-English biographies
-English novels
-English non-fiction and poetry
-Plus Tucker and Jax checking out the haul. They approve – two paws up!


Donation of Cookbooks

Just received a donation of cookbooks this afternoon! Thanks to a brief interaction on Facebook, Rick just brought by a stack of cookbooks (and one gardening book) for the Little Free Library this afternoon. Thanks, Rick!

Watch for these in the Little Free Library over the next week!