Featured in the library this week: homemade medicine

This week, Division92 Little Free Library is featuring books to help you make your own medicine. Please use common sense, please don’t overdo it (no “if some is helpful, more is better”!), please consider checking with your healthcare professional for any allergies or conflicts with other medicines or supplements you are currently taking, or with any illnesses or conditions you already have.

Division92LFL gets a gift!

Holy smokes, the Division92 Little Free Library just got a donation from New Jersey!

Gina had asked on the LFL Stewards page, on FB, if anyone wanted some of the tons-too-many books she had. I will always say yes to offers like this, almost never expecting it to happen. I figured enough people much closer to her would speak up, and she could avoid shipping altogether. But she said sure, she’d send some books. Awesome! I figured a couple of books because shipping books gets expensive.

Imagine my surprise when the box showed up! I always forget about shipping books at the Library Mail rate!




I’ll be putting these out as the library gets room for them

IMG_9312.jpgAnd they all have her stamp in them!

Thank you Gina!!!

Book Donations!

Our friend Erik came by recently with a box and an IKEA bag full of books for the LFL. Thanks, Erik! I also got a few other books from a clothing swap I went to the other day. Thanks, swappers!

Classics, novels, non-fiction and a cute Christmas story, cooking, more cooking, LGBT short stories, Eragon series, and a variety of short story collections. I’ll be putting these out in the library as there’s room. If you’re super-interested in one or more, leave a comment and I can set it aside for you – if it’s still available!

More donations!

I came home from work and found my LFL stuffed.jpgLittle Free Library fairly well stuffed!




Then I noticed a garbage bag on the sidewalk right in LFL w bag.jpgfront of the library. This could mean anything – someone dropped their garbage here on purpose, someone lost a bag off a wagon or little shopping cart, someone stole a bunch of stuff without knowing what it all was and this bag is the stuff they decided they didn’t want. Turned out to be more books!  A couple of the books are HUGE activity books, hence not being able to put them in the Library (even if there’d been more room). I love that a couple of them aren’t English – Spanish and Vietnamese kid books!  Yay books!  Thank you, anonymous donor! LFL books.jpg


Featured this week: Hanukkah Books

Featured in the Little Free Library this week – Hanukkah books!

I’m sorry they’re late – it’s already the fourth night of Hanukkah, and I’m only just getting the books out to the LFL. My only excuse is that I’ve been sick for the last *3 weeks* with a wicked respiratory infection that now includes a sinus infection. 😣

In any case, here we are!



My sweetie and I just went on a 9-day vacation. I made sure to fill up the library as best I could before we left – I packed it right before getting the ride to the airport.

I came home to find it nearly empty. Yay, people finding books to read!


Even better, I came home to find stacks of books on the dining table. Turns out, someone left us a bunch of books piled at the end of our driveway, plus my MiL cleaned off an entire shelf just for our Little Free Library.

I’ll set these out just as soon as I’ve processed them.

Thanks, anonymous book donor!

New Arrivals!

We went to the book sale at Title Wave, Multnomah County Library system’s dedicated bookstore. We came home with two large grocery totes *filled to the top*. It all came to under $20 total almost 50 books. While we’ll read some of them ourselves, everything will go to our Little Free Library over the next couple of months. I was bummed I couldn’t find more Vietnamese kid books or anything in Arabic or Somali. Maybe next time.  We brought home:

-Vietnamese adult & kid books
-Chinese kid books
-Chinese adult books
-Spanish kid books
-Spanish teen books
-English kid books
-English biographies
-English novels
-English non-fiction and poetry
-Plus Tucker and Jax checking out the haul. They approve – two paws up!