Alaska Airlines: Reading on the Fly

Remember my recent post about JetBlue Airlines’ Soar With Reading program? I just found out about the Alaska Airlines program, Reading on the Fly.

alaska air lfl.pngThe bookshelves are for children’s books, for readers 0-16, to read in the airport, on the plane, and even take home with them. All of the books are new and used donations – and all donations are vetted by volunteers. So far, as of the creation of the program in 2016, the bookshelves are located on multiple concourses in Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Fairbanks International Airport, and Juneau International Airport, with more planned throughout Alaska.


Kellogg’s Feeding Reading promotion

I’m not saying you should make a special trip to buy any Kellogg’s products. But if you’re already buying them (and really, Cheerios are a pretty good snack), watch for the boxes with books.  *

 find out more about Kellogg’s Feeding Reading program



*I have no affiliation with Kellogg’s, nor do I receive any compensation from them for this post. I just like free (if you’re already getting their stuff) books.