Bring a book, ride the trains for free!

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Special book given out as gift to readers during National Book Week is accepted instead of ticket

Jon Stone 4/1/2019

Dutch book lovers got free rail travel across their country’s entire network this weekend as part of the Netherlands’ annual book week celebrations.

Every year since 1932 the Netherlands has encouraged reading with Boekenweek– a celebration of literature marked with literary festivals and book signings across the country.

Traditionally, a well-known Dutch author writes a special novel – the “book week gift” or Boekenweekgeschenk – which is given out for free to people who buy books during the festivities or sign up to a library.

But the special book – this year the novel Jas Van Belofte by celebrated author Jan Siebelink, can also be presented instead of a rail ticket on every train in the country on the Sunday of book week.

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), the Dutch state railway company, has long been a sponsor of the annual festivities – and even organises book readings signings by top authors on its trains.

“It is good to see all those happily surprised faces of travellers,” author Jan Siebelink said after boarding a train for the city of Utrecht to meet passengers and read his book.

“We are talking about everything, including their journey. A traveller just said he was on his way to Velp, my birthplace. Often there are also children and I naturally hope that they start reading. That’s what we do it for.”

Murat Isik, who wrote the annual bookweek essay, a companion to the novel, added: “How incredibly beautiful and dynamic to meet readers on the train. Unfortunately, this is also the end of Book Week. A week full of wonderful meetings and conversations.”

This year the book week gift was given out by bookshops to anyone who spent €12.50 on Dutch-language books.

The state rail company, which has now been offering the annual free travel promotion for 18 years, said in a statement: “NS has a warm heart for reading, because reading is one of the favourite ways to spend time on the train.”

“That is why we have been the main sponsor of a number of reading campaigns for years, including Book Week.

“On Sunday 31 March, the Netherlands travelled en masse for free by train on presentation of the Book Week Gift, written by Jan Siebelink.”

NS is not the only railway company to accept physical objects in lieu of payment. This time last week for a week UK rail company Virgin Trains offered a 1/3 discount to passengers aged 18-30 who presented an avocado to ticket inspectors, as a dry joke about the delayed Millennial Railcard.

Alaska Airlines: Reading on the Fly

Remember my recent post about JetBlue Airlines’ Soar With Reading program? I just found out about the Alaska Airlines program, Reading on the Fly.

alaska air lfl.pngThe bookshelves are for children’s books, for readers 0-16, to read in the airport, on the plane, and even take home with them. All of the books are new and used donations – and all donations are vetted by volunteers. So far, as of the creation of the program in 2016, the bookshelves are located on multiple concourses in Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Fairbanks International Airport, and Juneau International Airport, with more planned throughout Alaska.


Kellogg’s Feeding Reading promotion

I’m not saying you should make a special trip to buy any Kellogg’s products. But if you’re already buying them (and really, Cheerios are a pretty good snack), watch for the boxes with books.  *

 find out more about Kellogg’s Feeding Reading program



*I have no affiliation with Kellogg’s, nor do I receive any compensation from them for this post. I just like free (if you’re already getting their stuff) books.