Repurposed Little Free Libraries: British Phone Booths

Those familiar red phone booths throughout England just aren’t being used as phone booths anymore. As in the US, everyone has their own cell or smart phone, and they just aren’t using public phone booths, so the phone companies have been removing them left and right. The thing is, England’s red phone booths have been such an important part of the landscape that folks waxing nostalgic are giving the booths new purposes. They’re becoming defibrillator stations, coffee shops, and free book exchanges. Check out this CBS piece on the repurposing of the Red Phone Booths.

Book Domino Chain World Record

Holy smokes!  Check out the Seattle Public Library – they broke the world record for longest book domino chain as part of promoting their 2013 summer reading program.  I especially liked the rainbow-colored section of books and when the chain went from the floor to the stacks and split a couple of different ways. I can’t even imagine all the work that went into it. The ending is cute too. I understand that no books were harmed during this event.

Just goes to show you – you don’t always have to read a book to enjoy it!