Featured in the Library this Week: Women

I skipped the Kavanaugh hearings. I didn’t watch or listen to the news, I scrolled past articles and posts about it on Facebook, I declined to participate in conversations about it. I couldn’t possibly participate in any of it and not rage/cry/shut down to the point of needing medical intervention.

Instead, I provided service for my kids, their teachers, and their families as best I could at work. I made plans for consulting with coworkers at the main office the day after. I had pleasant interactions with the bus drivers and fellow riders on the way to and from work. I got home, scritched the one kitty who likes skritches, put some new toys out for the other two kitties, cleaned out my lunchbox, took out the trash, and washed my hands and face.

And then I rage-ate.

Monday I will start collecting money for a donation to my local Planned Parenthood, a gift card towards a giant pizza party, and I’ll probably buy cookies to deliver with the gift card, to say thank you to everyone who works there.

You gotta get through the best way you can.

Towards that end – I dug through all my donations and put together a collection of books about women and girls. Strong women: may be know them, may we be them, may we raise them.


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