Snowpocalypse 2019

We’re making our way through this Snowstorm-To-End-All-Snowstormssnowy LFL.jpg today.  Other parts of town haven’t gotten so much as a single flake, but out here in southeast PDX, it’s madness, MADNESS I TELL YOU. A whole 1.5″ of snow last night!  It of course hasn’t snowed since 8am or so, but it might!

And so goes the usual manic overhype of the weather this time of year. Still, you never know what’s going to happen with the weather until it actually happens. Please, do what you need to do to stay safe – icy roads are no joke. If you have the option, stay home and do home things. Feed the birds. Order some socks and mittens to be sent to your local shelters. Make stew or hot chocolate. Read a book – for yourself, out loud to your kid or your sweetie or your pet. Listen to an audiobook while relaxing or doing dishes.  Go outside on the porch or sidewalk and enjoy the winter day. Take a walk and see what’s at the Little Free Library near you.

bird tracks.jpgI braved the chill Arctic winds to put some books out in the Division92 LFL. On my way out, I noticed we’d had visitors last night or early this morning.

Birds for suremult coyote tracks.jpg

Also bunnies, I think. A couple of them. Looks like they were busy.mixed tracks.jpg

We are almost out of bird food, so we don’t have many visitors right now of any species. Hopefully the bird food will show up in the post today. Need to get on to making some hummingbird food too – those little guys will really need it!

Meanwhile, maybe I can make a dent in my To Be Read pile this weekend!

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